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India has become the most preferred location for medical procedures due to our exceptional talent and expertise in the medical field. Dedicated and experienced doctors supported by world class imaging tools like intra operative MRI, brain suite and computer assisted surgery promised positive outcomes in all kinds of cervical problems. Minimally invasive procedures used for most of the cervical spine surgeries ensure shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery with very less chance of human error.

    Surgery At Our Finest Hospitals Ensures That Our Patient’s Get The Benefit Of:

  • LaminotomyWorld acclaimed core team of neurosurgeons, orthopaedician, rheumatologists, physicians and rehab team specially skilled in handling complex cervical spine surgeries.
  • Advanced diagnostic facilities like Spiral CT scan, MRI, digital imaging and electrophysiology units under one roof.
  • Latest surgical techniques like minimally invasive surgery in the form of minimal access micro endoscopic spine surgeries, Functional spine preservation techniques and Spinal Arthroplasty that aim at providing the patient functional and stable cervical spine and faster post op recovery..
  • Excellent physiotherapy and rehab services that catapult you on the road to recovery.
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Cervical Discectomy

Man stretching in the bedThe cervical spine is made up of 7 vertebrae interspersed by soft fluid filled discs that allow flexibility and mobility. With age, wear and tear occurs that causes the disc to protrude backwards and compress on the adjacent spinal cord or the exiting spinal nerves causing excruciating weakness. When rest, traction and cervical stabilisation exercises do not reduce the symptoms, it is advised to remove the disc surgically. Cervical discectomy removes the offending disc and relieves compression over the spinal cord and nerves thus alleviating the symptoms.

Who may require Cervical Discectomy?

Those patients who suffer from:
Man stretching in the bed

  • Constant neck pain that worsens as the day progresses.
  • Neck pain that radiates to the head causing headache.
  • Pain, numbness tingling and weakness in one or both arms.
  • Loss of balance while standing or walking.
  • Loss of bowel and bladder control.
  • Neck pain not cured by conservative means like medications and physiotherapy.
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Different Approaches to treat Cervical Discectomy Spine Problem

LaminotomyAnterior Approach: It is more popular with the surgeons as the access to disc is very easy with little muscle tissue on the way and complete disc removal is possible with no recurrence of disc herniation. This approach also provides a good exposure to all cervical vertebrae from C2 to cervico-thoracic junction. The limited amount of muscle division or dissection helps to limit postoperative pain following the spine surgery. The main postoperative problem most patients face is difficulty swallowing for 2-5 days due to retraction of the esophagus.

LaminotomyPosterior Approach:It is slightly complicated as too many muscle and nervous tissues have to be traversed to reach the disc. There are chances of injury to spinal cord and nerve roots while accessing the disc. Also since complete removal of disc is not possible, re-herniation can occur. But the positive aspect of this approach is that spinal fusion is not required so natural spine movement is preserved.

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Posterior Versus Anterior Cervical Discectomy

The major advantage of approaching a cervical disc herniation through a posterior approach is that a fusion need not be performed. This preserves the normal motion of the cervical spine, and may provide for a shorter healing time.

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Outcome and Recovery

The patients report an immediate relief in their symptoms after the surgery. The patient is allowed to go home in 1-2 days and allowed to begin gradually with his normal activities. Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises for neck muscles are progressed gradually and general body endurance program is initiated.

Vigorous neck movements should be avoided to allow proper healing of the graft. The physical therapist will advise on how to perform various activities without straining the neck.

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I have the joy of facing the facing the future with freedom of mobility and a wonderful on going connection to new friends. I must say a special thank you to the administration staff who helped me with all my problems”stars

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