Endoscopic Micro Discectomy (MED) is a minimally invasive (keyhole surgery) technique for treatment of herniated disc at World class hospitals in India.

MicroEndoscopicDiscectomy Endoscopic Micro Discectomy (MED) is a minimally invasive technique that accomplishes the same goal of removing the herniated disc using a much smaller incision. The procedure may not require general anesthesia. The endoscope illuminates and magnifies the affected area allowing the surgeon and the staff to view it on the television screen. The surgeon performs the entire surgery by looking at the television screen. As a result there is less muscle dissection.

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Who can benefit from Endoscopic Micro Discectomy (MED)?

This procedure is indicated for all those patients who are suffering from severe acute or chronic backache and/or radiating pain in the leg as a result of lumbar disc prolapse/slipped disc/herniated disc.

Quick Recovery – Great Advantage of Endoscopic Micro Discectomy (MED) Since there is minimal damage to surrounding muscle tissue, the magnitude of post operative surgical pain is much less as compared to conventional open discectomy. The patients can get up and walk around on the post operative day itself making the hospital stay very short.

World Class Technical Expertise for Endoscopic Micro Discectomy

most-advanced-hospitals-in-india It is affiliated world class hospitals in India are a benchmark in comprehensive spine care for such complex and sensitive surgeries.The procedure is performed by a highly qualified neurosurgeons who have trained for decades at world’s best spine hospitals and have an excellent track record of successful outcomes. The hospital have a state of art diagnostic centre with high end imaging equipment like 1.5 Tesla MRI, 256 slice CT Scan and EEG facilities. The operation theatres have Laminar flow infection free environment and most advanced equipment like Computer Navigation endoscope, HOPKINS II Telescope 0 degree, video monitoring and nerve root retractor backed by very comprehensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy services.

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What are the advantages Endoscopic Micro Discectomy?


  • Early ambulation
  • Shorter treatment stay
  • Cosmetically acceptable due to minimal incision / scar, so ideal for young population
  • Less post operative morbidity ( such as pain)
  • Gentle and precise handling of neural tissue due to excellent illumination and magnification resulting in good outcomes.
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After three years of pain, difficulty walking, and an inability to work, I have finally entered a new hopeful and exciting chapter in my life. Because of the absolute impossibility of finding a facility that could help me, I searched on the internet and found my surgeon Dr Sarup an exceptional and experienced surgeon , a solution that has changed my life.

The surgery was painless for me. The rehabilitation was strict and very effective, the nursing and the support staff were all trained, kind and infinitely caring.stars
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Mr. Akintunde, Nigeria

Total Knee Replacement“Any space occupying structure within the spinal canal like herniated or bulging disc, thickened ligament, osteophytes (bone spurs), facet joint thickening can compress the spinal cord resulting in symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling and weakness of the hand or legs. In extreme cases loss of bowel and bladder control is also observed. Laminotomy aims at making an incision in the lamina, to remove a small part of it, creating room for the spinal cord within the canal. This relieves the compression and thus the symptoms disappear. Through the hole in the lamina, the thickened ligament or disc fragment which may be compressing the cord and nerves are also removed.

My husband and I have experience of hospitals both in the US and UK. Finding IndiaCarez.com has been a boon. The hospital in India is overall the very best we have experienced.The level of care is exceptional. Every member of staff works as a dedicated member of a team to assist recovery. We were somewhat nervous about coming to India as we have never visited before, but we were never left unsure or uncomfortable about anything from the time we were picked up at the airport.

The medical facilities and the room facilities were equally excellent. Communications critically were very reassuring and good communication about what was happening at any time and what would happen next left us feeling in control. A special word of thanks to the Physiotherapist who worked hard and motivated me to get back on my feet again without any pain. Were any of our family to need surgery again, with time to make a choice we would come here.“stars

Ms Cheryl Campbell, USA

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