Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) in India

Image Guided Radiation Therapy Image Guided Radio-Therapy (IGRT) is a revolutionary new procedure that is helpful in the treatment of cancer. It’s far superior to the current procedures that use imaging techniques such as ultrasonogram and electronic portal imaging. It uses on board kilo-voltage cone beam CT scan for precise positioning of tumors.

Under this procedure, the image of the tumor area is taken and the radiation administered simultaneously in real time, thereby allowing the physician to target the radiation at the exact location of the tumor. This means radiation kills only cancerous cells and not the surrounding healthy tissues.

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Advantages of Image Guided Radio-Therapy (IGRT)

  • Image Guided Radio-Therapy (IGRT) can administer radiation on the exact location of different types of tumours including breast, brain, neck, lungs, prostrate, liver, pancreas etc.
  • The oncologist can see the real time images of the radiation being administered to the tumor and thus the treatment is quite accurate.
  • Minimal side effects since radiation to surrounding healthy tissues is minimal.
  • Very low probability of human error as the exact amount of the radiation dose can be given to the exact location of the tumor.
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Preparing for Image Guided Radiation Therapy

  • Prior to undergoing irradiation, radio dense markers (which are made up of a material which doesn’t allow the penetration of X ray beams and hence appear as white spots in the image) are inserted into the patients body about a week prior to the procedure.
  • The patients skin may also be marked, to assist the radiation therapist to align the equipments accordingly.
  • The patient is expected not to eat or drink after the midnight of the previous day prior to the procedure.
  • The patient is also required to inform the doctor about any medications, which the patient takes as a part of his routine medical care. The patient is also required to share any information about past history of allergic reactions to iodine, shellfish or any other intravenously administered substance.
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Who are the ideal patients for Image Guided Radio-Therapy (IGRT) procedure

lung cancer Lung Cancer : In more than sixty percent of the patients with lung cancer, the disease is diagnosed in advanced stages, in which the radiotherapy and chemotherapy is the standard of care.

To achieve cure with minimal side-effects, it is important to deliver the radical dose of radiation to the tumour. But lungs move with respiration and so as not to miss the tumour, a bigger volume is treated leading to high doses of radiation to normal lung, so Image Guided Radio-Therapy (IGRT) can be advantageous to save uninvolved lung.

hormonal therapy Breast Cancer : In the current scenario, breast cancer is diagnosed in early stage and in most of the women, the breast can be preserved.In preservation of the breast,thee cosmesis should be maintained.

The radiotherpay of the breast involves the irradiation of the whole breast and higher dose to the tumour bed. But at the same time the lung and the heart also will be irradiated.

treatment prostate cancer Prostate Cancer : Prostate Cancer is curable with radiation. Very high dose of radiation is required for the treatment. The prostate is surrounded by two dose limiting critical structures, the rectum and the urinary bladder.

The prostate is situated under the urinary bladder and its position varies with the bladder filling and also to a certain extent by distension of the rectum. With Image Guided Radio-Therapy ( IGRT), these volumes can be reduced, so that a higher dose of radiation is delivered to the tumour and minimising the doseto bladder and rectum.

brain tumor surgery in India Brain Tumors : The Brain is enclosed in the compact cranial cavity and brain does not move on its own within this cavity, but the irradiation volumes are very prone for set-up errors and this is very risky in the era of IMRT.

The movements of neck and chin can alter the position of targets within the cranial sphere to a large extent. The margins of the treatment volumes are kept very tight to save the normal brain and other critical structures and the gradient between the high dose and low dose at the periphery of tumour volume is very sharp. These errors can be minimised with Image Guided Radio-Therapy ( IGRT).

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