The Most Advanced Linear Accelerator Therapy in India

Linear Accelerator Therapy Linear accelerator (LINAC) therapy is a radiosurgery treatment in which high-energy x-rays are used to destroy tumors. These high-energy x-rays are generated when microwave technology is used to accelerate electrons in a part of the LINAC device called the wave guide. These accelerated electrons are then aimed at a heavy metal target. High-energy x-rays are produced from the target as a result of these collisions.

LINAC therapy can be used anywhere on the body. It is particularly useful in brain tumor patients because it is very precise.

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Why Linear Accelerators are important and how they work

linearaccelerator-article The technology is incredibly important because cancer tumors and lesions don’t stay in the exact same place aftereach radiation therapy session. When a patient gains or loses weight or experiences other physical changes, organs can shift even slightly.

So it’s imperative that before each treatment, physicians can identify exactly where cancerous cells end and healthy cells begin.

The Varian IX linear accelerator is image-guided, which means it uses both x-ray and cone-beam CAT scan technology to search for the cancer. Previous versions of linear accelerators don’t have integrated x-ray imaging, which doesn’t allow real-time localization of the target.

The Varian Trilogy linear accelerator does everything the IX linear accelerator does, and it offers cutting edge stereotactic radio surgery, which is specifically designed to seek out and treat small targets in areas outside the head.

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Benefits of Linear Accelerator (LINAC)

The best usage of LINAC technology may be its ability to target larger brain and body cancers with less damage to healthy tissues. LINAC systems are able to treat larger tumors and larger affected areas than the Gamma Knife. Areas other than the brain can be treated with a LINAC system. Linear accelerator systems may also be used for external beam radiation therapy.

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What People say?“I was looking for a treatment that offered me the best chance for a complete cure,” “But it was extremely important to me to avoid the complications – impotence, incontinence and bowel problems – that commonly result from prostate cancer treatment.” CyberKnife treatment was best option to meet all of those criteria. “What convinced me to do it was the preciseness, how the CyberKnife stops and recalibrates in order to accurately treat the tumor,” I said. “Once I made the decision to go with the CyberKnife, I felt a calm and relief that I wouldn’t have to go through all the complications.

The expect fatigue and some short-term urinary symptoms, The treatment didn’t slow Scott down. Just two days after the treatment ended, he was back out on the golf course, playing 18 holes with his friends. And a few months later he was fly fishing for salmon on Eagle Creek in Labrador on the Atlantic coast of Canada.

The results of CyberKnife treatment exceeded Scott’s expectations. At his last appointment with on November 13, 2006, Scott’s Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) level was down to 0.7. “Not only did it cure my disease, there were no complications and minimal side effects,”. “I feel very fortunate that I could avoid all the complications that are devastating to men.”

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