Micro Lumbar Discectomy – advanced minimally invasive surgery for lumbar disc herniation at World Class Hospitals in India.

herndisc-BB Micro Lumbar Discectomy is a an advanced minimally invasive surgery for patients with lumbar disc herniation. Compared to traditional open decompression surgery the recovery is faster and the patient is back to his normal activities within a week. Sciatica or lumbar disc herniation is a painful condition in which the patient complains of severe backache, numbness, radiating pain and tingling sensation in one or both legs. There may be associated weakness of leg and wasting of leg muscles in long standing cases.

The patient is unable to sit, stand or walk even for short durations. In less severe cases, the condition is treated conservatively by bed rest and traction and physiotherapeutic exercises. But in severe cases such as continuous pain, leg weakness and loss of bladder control, surgery is the treatment of choice.

When L5 nerve root is compressed along its path within the spinal canal.herndisc-BB It can be due to age associated bony outgrowths (osteophytes) or disc herniations in the space between 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae. The nerve root controls the muscles of elevation of the foot at the ankle, elevation of the big toe, sensation on the top of the foot and sensation on the back of the thigh and leg.

Irritation and compression of this nerve root causes the severe back ache, numbness, tingling and radiating pain in the leg. Some times if the compressive structure is large, it may press upon L5 nerve roots of both sides resulting in loss of bowel and bladder control, which is a medical emergency.

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What is the recovery time?

herndisc-BBSince MLD is a minimally invasive surgery with a very small incision, it allows for a more rapid recovery. Most individuals can return home the same day as the surgery and return to normal or light activities within a day or two. More than 90% of patients experience total or near total pain relief, usually within a day or two of operation.

Rehabilitation Period

The patient resumes normal activities within two days of surgery. Heavy weight lifting and car driving is advised after 3 weeks. Proper ergonomics while sitting standing and carrying weight is taught to the patient. Physiotherapy on out patient basis begins with mild strengthening and stretching exercises followed by endurance exercise for back muscles. Short periods of walking are advised. Athletic activities can be resumed in one month.

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Who is a candidate for Minimally Invasive Micro Lumbar Discectomy?


  • Patients who continue to have the following symptoms even after 3 months of conservative treatment of bed rest, traction or physiotherapy, are advised this surgery.
  • Pain in the low back and back of the leg
  • Pain and limitation in raising the leg with the patient lying on his back
  • Loss of sensation in the leg
  • Weakness in specific muscle groups in the leg especially foot elevators.
  • Loss of reflexes at the knee and ankle
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Total Knee Replacement“Any space occupying structure within the spinal canal like herniated or bulging disc, thickened ligament, osteophytes (bone spurs), facet joint thickening can compress the spinal cord resulting in symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling and weakness of the hand or legs. In extreme cases loss of bowel and bladder control is also observed. Laminotomy aims at making an incision in the lamina, to remove a small part of it, creating room for the spinal cord within the canal. This relieves the compression and thus the symptoms disappear. Through the hole in the lamina, the thickened ligament or disc fragment which may be compressing the cord and nerves are also removed.

My husband and I have experience of hospitals both in the US and UK. Finding IndiaCarez.com has been a boon. The hospital in India is overall the very best we have experienced.The level of care is exceptional. Every member of staff works as a dedicated member of a team to assist recovery. We were somewhat nervous about coming to India as we have never visited before, but we were never left unsure or uncomfortable about anything from the time we were picked up at the airport.

The medical facilities and the room facilities were equally excellent. Communications critically were very reassuring and good communication about what was happening at any time and what would happen next left us feeling in control. A special word of thanks to the Physiotherapist who worked hard and motivated me to get back on my feet again without any pain. Were any of our family to need surgery again, with time to make a choice we would come here. “stars

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