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Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation Treatment in India

radiofrequencyCatheter ablation is a procedure that uses radiofrequency energy (similar to microwave heat) to destroy a small area of heart tissue that is causing rapid and irregular heartbeats. Destroying this tissue helps to restore heart’s regular rhythm. The procedure is also called radiofrequency ablation. Catheter ablation is used to treat abnormal heart rhythms when medicines are not effective or for side effects.

What is RadioFrequency Catheter Ablation?

Catheter ablation is a medical procedure used to treat some types of is a problem with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat.

radiofrequencyDuring catheter ablation, a long, thin, flexible tube is put into a blood vessel in your arm, upper thigh or neck. This tube is called an ablation catheter. It’s guided into your heart through the blood vessel. A special machine, called a generator, sends energy through the ablation catheter to the heart. The energy modifies, via heating, or less commonly, freezing, small areas of heart tissue where abnormal heartbeats may cause an arrhythmia to start.

Radiofrequency energy usually is used for catheter ablation. This type of energy uses radiofrequency current to produce heat that modifies the heart tissue.

Use of RadioFrequency Catheter Ablation in Cardiology

With each heartbeat, an electrical signal spreads from the top of the heart to the bottom. As it travels, the electrical signal causes heart to contract and pump blood. The process repeats with each new heartbeat.A problem with any part of this process can cause an arrhythmia.

Catheter ablation is one of several arrhythmia treatments. Doctor may recommend ablation if:


  • The medicines don’t control arrhythmia.
  • We have certain types of arrhythmia.
  • We have faulty electrical activity in heart that raises risk of ventricular fibrillation and sudden cardiac arrest.

Advantages of RadioFrequency Catheter Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation has been around for years. It works by killing a very small amount of the abnormal heart muscle that is causing the heart to beat irregularly.

  • Catheter ablation has more success rate with low risk of complications.
  • Minimal side effects allowing the patient to resume normal activities in just a few days.
  • There are no long-term effects on the heart muscle once this procedure is done.
  • Radiofrequency ablation is popular because it has proven effective for patients with heart arrhythmias of many kinds.
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What People say?“My mother was suffering from severe congestive heart disease and we had no insurance or access to Medicare in USA Then I started to search for hospital outside my country for the treatment. The hospitals in America charged a huge amount for the treatment which was beyond my reach. Then one of my friends told me about India. He told that there are good hospitals and doctors in India and the cost is low. I searched on the internet and I found IndiaCarez website. I filled up the form on the website. I got a call from the case manager and she told me to send the medical reports of my mother.

I sent the reports by mail and the case manager got back to me with the opinion of the doctor and the treatment package. She was very kind and explained me in detail about the package and traveling to India for heart surgery.

The quote was affordable to me and I was impressed with the Heart surgeon who had in fact worked at a top hospital in USA for many years. The case manager helped me with the passport, visa and the air tickets which saved a lot of my time.

On the day I and my mother came to India, IndiaCarez people came to receive us at the airport. They took us directly to the hospital and to our surprise a room was already booked for us and was kept ready. The surgery was planned and it went on successfully. Doctors were great and very polite. They explained everything very clearly.

We stayed in India for few more days for follow up. Overall it was a great experience. My mother is doing well and I am extremely grateful to everyone at IndiaCarez , the doctors and nurses at India hospital. You changed our life and we are so relaxed now.”

William J, USA Heart Bypass Surgerystars

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