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Spine Tumor RemovalTumor is abnormal mass of rapidly growing cells without any physiological function. That means it does not perform any function for the body but derives its nutrition from the body. It can occur anywhere in the body. The cause is unknown. Those tumors that are found in and around the spinal cord are known as spinal tumors.

They may be primary tumors whose cells of origin is the spinal tissue, or they may be secondary tumors which have spread (metastasize) via blood stream from some other focus in the body. The Spinal cord is covered by a layer of protective tissue called as meninges. The entire spinal cord is encased within the vertebral column.
The Spinal tumor are of three types depending on their location:

  • Intramedullary – within the substance of the spinal cord.spine-tumor-removal-surgery
  • Intradural-Extramedullary- within the layers (meninges) covering the spinal cord
  • Extradural- between the meninges an the vertebral body. Most of the spinal tumors are extradural.
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What are the Symptoms of Spinal Tumor?

spine tumor removal surgeryTumor may cause generalized symptoms in the body (like persistent low energy levels, unexplainable weight loss, lump formation, enlargement of lymph nodes, malaise, irregularities of menstruation in females etc) as well as symptoms pertaining to the affected organ in the body. In case of spinal tumor the patient may present with any of the following:

  • Back pain, often radiating to other parts of the body and worse at night
  • Loss of sensation or muscle weakness, especially in the legs
  • Difficulty walking, sometimes leading to fall
  • Decreased sensitivity to pain, heat and cold
  • Loss of bowel or bladder function
  • Paralysis may occur in varying degrees and in different parts of the body, depending on which nerves are compressed.
  • Scoliosis or other spinal deformity resulting from a large, but non cancerous tumor
  • Erosion and Destruction of vertebral body
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Why surgery for Spine Tumor Removal?

  1. To reduce the pain caused by the spinal tumor
  2. To restore and preserve neurological function and provide  Spine Tumor Removal?spinal stability.
  3. Spinal Tumor surgery is generally indicated in case there is a localized tumor which can be removed with minimum damage to nerve and spinal cord,
  4. There is persistent neurological deficit and pain which is unresponsive to non operative treatment
  5. There is vertebral bone destruction affecting spinal stability.
  6. Surgery may include resection (partial removal) or excision (complete removal) of tumor.
  7. When the tumor is removed (partially or completely) pain and neurologic problems may clear up.
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Recovery after tumor surgery is a relatively slow process as the patient is weakened by the tumor and all the medications, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he has been subjected to. Regular follow ups are required to detect any recurrence of tumor. Positive mindset combined with a strong support system can work wonders for the patient’s recovery.The patient should take nutritious diet to replenish his body reserves.

Tumor or cancer as it is referred to in common man’s language, is a much feared disease. Many of those who are affected feel their world go crumbling around them with the mere mention of such a diagnosis. They go through a variety of emotional phases from denial to acceptance to defeat against the killer. Not only the patient but also the caretaker or the family member is totally drained out while attending to the patient. The picture may seem very dismal, but tumor patients still have a hope to live a normal life, provided the condition is detected early and the remedial measures are begun in time.

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