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Total Hip ReplacementBig Savings! Getting a Hip Replacement or a Hip Resurfacing Surgery has become a very expensive affair in USA or UK. For example, a Hip Replacement Surgery in USA would cost you 33,000 to 57,000 US Dollars whereas the same surgery would cost you just one fifth or one sixth of that cost in India. Many patients suffering from severe Hip Pain are postponing there surgery due to high cost of surgery. Most of these people are either uninsured or underinsured. They lead a very painful life till they are able to arrange money for an expensive surgery.

Most Modern Technology and Expertise- In some other countries there is a long waiting list or lack of technology and expertise. The hospitals in India provide just the right solution for all these problems. You can get a Hip Replacement surgery in India at very low cost by expert and vast experienced doctors and at a world class hospital.

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Total Hip Replacement Surgery (THR)

Total Hip ReplacementHip Replacement or Hip Arthroplasty is one of the most successful joint replacement surgeries. Sever hip joint osteoarthritis, accident causing crush injury of the head of femur, rheumatoid arthritis, developmental defect in the joint, femoral head neck fracture are some of the indications for a hip joint replacement. A normal hip joint is formed by the articulation of head of femur or the thigh bone with the hollow socket (acetabulum) of the pelvic bone. The joint is held in place with ligaments and a cartilage lining the socket helps in smooth movements. The joint has a wide range of motion. Arthritic changes damage the cartilage and cause friction between the joint surfaces causing severe pain while walking, standing and sitting. THR replaces the damaged structures with metal or plastic prosthesis thus relieving the patient of unbearable pain.The patient can resume normal activities 3 months after surgery.

The Hip Joint Implant can be fitted into the bone using biological cement. In uncemented prosthesis, the implant has a mesh through which the natural bone grows to surround the implant and hold it in place.

Total Hip ReplacementIndiacarez has the best team of Orthopedicians who are specially trained in hip replacement surgeries. Highly skilled and experienced doctors along with a dedicated team of technicians and nurses make sure that the patients are treated using latest technique. Indiacarez affiliate hospitals boast of world class diagnostic facilities and excellent quality implants that are used for this procedure. The implants are made up of metal (stainless steel, chrome or titanium) or ceramic and plastics which are FDA approved. The hospitals also use computer assisted procedure to carry out the surgery. This means smaller incision, accurate procedure and zero human error as the camera inserted into the joint during the surgery, sends detailed images of the inside of the joint allowing the surgeon to navigate his instruments with great precision minimising injuries to the surrounding structures. The patient is benefitted as the soft tissue damage is less, complications are minimised and recovery is faster.

Total Hip ReplacementStandard hip replacement surgery requires the patient to be sedated completely. An 8-12 inches long cut is made on the front of the thigh. The skin is cut, muscles are pulled back and the joint is exposed. The worn out part of the joint surfaces are removed and the remaining portion is smoothened. The head of the thigh bone is replaced with a metal implant consisting of a round head and a long metal stalk that is screwed into the existing bone. If it’s a cemented prosthesis it is held in place using biological cement. Similarly the socket is replaced by a hollow plastic or ceramic cup. Once the implants are fitted in, the muscles are reattached and skin is closed up. The patient needs to stay in the hospital for a week before he is discharged.

Total Hip ReplacementThe patient needs to go in for an extensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation program for a few months after surgery. He is taught how to walk, climb stairs, sit and turn in bed after the surgery. He cautioned against any excessive physical activity that requires pivoting on the replaced joint as it will cause dislocation.

Nowadays the THR is carried out using minimally invasive approach in which the size of the incision is only 2-5 inches. Small instruments are used in this visually guided procedure which reduces the chances of errors or complications. This surgery requires a lot of skill and expertise on behalf of the surgeon.

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Computer assisted surgery (CAS) /Computer aided surgery/Image guided intervention and Surgical Navigation

Total Knee ReplacementIt is a set of methods, that use computer technology for pre-surgical planning, and for guiding or performing surgical interventions. The computer guides the surgeon in precisely planning the exact amount and angle of bone to be removed during surgery.

Advantages of CAS (Computer Aided Surgery for Hip Joints) when used in Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery: –

    • Helps in navigation and route planning
    • Longer life of components
    • Reduced complications like Dislocation, Impingement etc
    • Decreased blood loss
    • Decreased hospital stay
    • Helps in making Smaller incision
    • Less pain after surgery
    • Short hospital stay
    • Early return to work
    • Less complications.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Total Knee Replacement When you’re undergoing joint replacement, whether it’s for a hip or a knee, physical therapy plays a critical role in every stage of the process.Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services help the patient to return back to normal activity quickly after the surgery.Before you leave the hospital, your physiotherapist will show you a variety of exercises designed to help you regain mobility and strength in your joint. You should be able to perform these exercises at home. You will be shown how to safely climb and descend stairs and how to get into and out of a seated position once you return home. It is a good idea to enlist the help of friends or family once you do return home.

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What People Say about us

What People Say?“I just wanted to let you know how things are going with my new hip. I’ve been discharged from PT and have started seeing a personal trainer. Both my PT and trainer are amazed at what I am able to do s/p hip replacement.

I also am thrilled. I am stronger than I was before and twice as determined to keep things going the right direction! I sent along a few pictures…don’t worry, none of this is beyond my ability and none of it causes any pain-if it did, I wouldn’t be doing it! I’m biking, swimming, using the elliptical machine, and about 2 times a week doing a short run on the treadmill-I hate running so I won’t be pursuing any silly marathon goals or anything.
When I find out if I can hang out upside-down, I’ll send a pic of that too!

Thank you SO VERY MUCH FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK AND THEN SOME! Please tell everyone on your staff how amazing I feel and grateful I am for having decided to come to you with my problem! Also if you wouldn’t mind, could you please tell Arlene (the pt) and the nurses up on ?the 11th floor I think? how wonderful they were and that I’m doing well.

I was unable to reach Arlene via email, so I am relying on you to communicate my success so far. Feel free to inform anyone you think would like to know how I doing that things are fantastic and I am happy as can be!

Thanks and will keep you updated on my progress!”

– Anita – Hip Replacement Surgery USAstars

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What People say about us

What People say?““I first learned about BHR (alternative to full Hip Replacement) from an American TV show (60 minutes). I then went to the Internet. Your hospital website came up with several others. I sent e-mails off with my specific problem outlined to three sites. That answer was immediately followed by an airborne packet containing specifics about doctors and number of surgeries performed. I then made arrangements to fly to India and have the procedure done. After arriving at the Hospital I was sent for X-rays and complete physical examination to ensure I was fit for surgery and also confirm that I really did need the BHR procedure. After that I went to surgery.2 weeks later I am walking unassisted and ready to return home. I attribute this to the skill of the surgeon and staff who have worked so hard to get me back on the feet. The staff at the hospital are all smiles and very helpful. I enjoyed all my meals during my stay.”

You can get this surgery performed at the hospital for prices you can afford with great success.”stars

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